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What You Didn't Know About Cooking at Home

Posted by Stacy Keller

Pretty much anything these days is advertised as Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Organic, Free Range. This is the supermarket world we live in; flashy products in persuasive packaging asking—no, not anymore, demanding!—to be purchased. The walk down the aisle at the concludes in two scenarios: a feeling of undeniable confidence in your apparently health conscious choices, or in the remorse-filled uncertainty of selecting the affordable, but obviously less organic alternative. This is a craze only the general availability of technology would be able to foster. News. Fake News and even alternative facts plague the internet, and they are notions which had never been particularly overreaching until now.

Although the bright packaging promotes health-driven characteristics, the benefits of cooking at home surely surpass those advertised features of any product. It's the simple idea that your diet cannot be improved by switching from one carb-filled food to another that has less salt or sodium, or that is classified as organic. Does it help? Of course, as long as you don't blindly follow everything that the marketing experts throw at you. Will it help you lead a healthier lifestyle? Maybe. Nothing surefire here. You can't repaint an older car and sell it as new, just like you cannot change your diet by switching cereal brands. The ingredients, the fuel, the engine of the vehicle needs to change. 

At ZapFoods, we care about how you cook at home and which items you use, but we are more interested in helping you find new ways to use those gadgets. We provide weekly lean and health conscious, organic recipes for you to make at home. Because let's be honest, if we are looking to fortify our lifestyle, our immune system, and add value to the time spent in the kitchen, then our diet is the first thing that needs to be transformed. 

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Organically yours,

Stacy Keller



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