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The Perfect Sushi Recipe for the Perfect Date Night

Posted by Stacy Keller

Sushi just got easier to make with our Premium Sushi Roller Kit! It's a fun activity to do this valentine day with your SO to avoid the restaurant craze. You can put all your favorite ingredients into your perfect custom roll and enjoy a romantic night in. 

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 10 minutes
Makes 5 sushi rolls


  • sheets sushi seaweed (aka nori)
  • 1 batch prepared sushi rice
  • 8 pieces imitation crab / or any desired raw fish of choice.
  • 4 oz cream cheese sliced into strips
  • 1 avocado sliced 
  • 1 cucumber sliced into thin slices. 
  • soy sauce for serving


1. Place white mat roller on top of the black stand. 

2. Place nori on white mat roller and place nori sheet clamp on top.

3. Spread sushi rice on top of the nori sheet and spread with the rice spatula. 

4.  Add your desired ingredients, in this case crab imitation, cucumber, a layer of cream cheese and thin slices of avocado. 

5. Roll with the form roller. 

6. Cut into 6 even pieces and serve. 

When serving pour some soy sauce into green soy sauce holders and dip your sushi to your taste while enjoying your sushi. 

Make this valentines day extra special by having your own delicious homemade sushi at home with your special person. 



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